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Bo Diddley was an American early rock and roll musician noted for popularizing the Latin clavé sound, or "Bo Diddley beat", which goes "one...two...three...four five". The sound has since been used by many artists even into the nineties. Despite his popularity few of his singles were hits and he never had a number one hit. Performed live with Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones. Has appeared on many compilations and soundtracks, including Grateful Dead. Popular nineties dance hit The Macarena uses a variant of the clavé rhythm. Bo Diddley passed away in 2008. Inspired by John Lee Hooker. Also influenced by Louis Jordan and Muddy Waters. Appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Toured with The Everly Brothers and Little Richard. This tour was supported by a then-little-known Rolling Stones. Also toured with B.B. King, Les Paul, and George Benson. Numerous awards, honors, and tributes. Johnny Otis used clavé on his hit Hand Jive.

The Strangeloves use the clave sound on their hit I Want Candy, later successfully covered by Bow Wow Wow.

The Doobie Brothers use the clave sound in their hit China Grove.

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Rock and Roll

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Weird Al Yankovic parodied Bo Diddley with Party at the Leper Colony.