Bruce Springsteen is a legendary rocker from New Jersey. His Born in the U.S.A. is not supposed to be a patriotic song, but rather an anti-war song. His backing group The E. Street Band was inducted many years later as recipients of the Award for Musical Excellence, a replacement for the "sidemen" category. The award had previously only been awarded to individuals who performed in support of famous musicians, but has since been changed to include backing groups after several backing groups were retroactively inducted in a special committee to account for various controversies including the fact that early pop and rhythm and blues musician Sam Cooke should have been inducted with his backing group The Miracles as his solo work had actually been too recent to warner him eligible to be inducted alone (to be eligible for induction, an artist's first record has to have been released at least 25 years prior). The band's name comes from an actual street in New Jersey, although only one band member lived there. He wrote Because the Night, later successfully covered by Pat Benatar, and Blinded By the Light, later covered by Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Also covered by the Earth Band, Springsteen wrote For You. He is considered a heartland rocker despite not being from the heartland himself. This is due to his songs being mostly about bluecollar culture. It has been noted by many that his hit Radio Nowhere sounds like 8675309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone. However, Tutone has expressed that he does not wish to file suit for copyright infringement.

Springsteen is considered a hero in his home state.

Genres Edit

Hard Rock

Blues Rock

Country Rock

Songs Edit

Born in the USA

Dancing in the Dark

Born to Run

Glory Days

I'm on Fire

Hungry Heart

Thunder Road

Atlantic City

Cover Me

Cadillac Ranch

Radio Nowhere

Parody Edit

Springsteen has been referenced several times on popular internet cartoon series Homestar Runner.