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Elvis Presley was the universally acclaimed King of Rock and Roll and musical phenomenon in the early days of rock. Helped popularize "rockabilly", a combination of Memphis country and the already popular rock sound (the name being a portmanteau of "rock" and "hillbilly"). Died in the seventies of obesity, although his death was rumored a hoax for many years and impersonators sprung up everywhere. He has been parodied countless times over several decades. Many artists have been influenced by and even covered him. His hit Jailhouse Rock features lyrics which, while overlooked for decades, has been noted as potentially referencing homosexuality. His hit Hound Dog was originally performed by blues musician Big Mama Thornton, who also performed the original version of Ball and Chain, popularized by Janis Joplin. His hit Blue Suede Shoes was originally performed by early rock and roll musician Carl Perkins. His backing group The Jordanaires was not inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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Rock and roll


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Jailhouse Rock

That's All Right Mama

Blue Suede Shoes

Heartbreak Hotel

Return to Sender

Hound Dog

Love Me Tender

Peace in the Valley

Can't Help Falling in Love

Suspicious Minds

Don't Be Cruel

Blue Christmas

Burning Love

Rip it Up

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The Strong Bad Email vacation, from the creators of the popular internet cartoon Homestar Runner, features an into which references Heartbreak Hotel.

The animated cartoon series Jonny Bravo features an Elvis parody as its main protagonist.