Phenomenally-popular hard rock band considered to be one of the first metal bands of all time. Their Stairway to Heaven is considered to be the greatest rock song of all time. It was the highest requested song in its day despite not being released as a U.S. single. The band was originally going to be The New Yardbirds as they were formed by former Yardbirds member Jimmy Paige. The band's name derives from the belief that "they were going to crash like a lead zeppelin". The spelling was changed so people wouldn't mispronounce the name. Their song D'yer Ma'ker is done in a reggae style and therefore pronounced "Jamaica". It is a play on the British pronunciation of "Did you make her?", after a joke playing off that pronunciation. Their song uses drumming similar to that of Keep A-Knockin' by early rock legend Little Richard, as well as referencing several early rock songs. The song The Girl I Love She Got Long, Black, Wavy Hair was recorded live at the BBC. Paige would go on to play with The Black Crowes.

Genres Edit

Stoner Metal

Folk Rock

Blues Rock

Funk Rock

Hard Rock

Songs Edit

Stairway to Heaven

Rock and Roll

Black Dog

When the Levee Breaks

Good Times Bad Times

Over the Hills and Far Away (Many Times I've Lied)

Going to California


D'Yer Ma'ker

Misty Mountain Hop

Immigrant Song

The Battle of Evermore

Whole Lotta Love

The Ocean

Dancing Days

Houses of the Holy

Trampled Under Foot (Talkin' 'bout Love)

Parody Edit

Led Zeppelin has been referenced several times on popular internet cartoon series Homestar Runner