Lynyrd Skynyrd was a very popular southern rock band from Florida. Their song Sweet Home Alabama was done in response to Neil Young's songs Southern Man and Alabama, and even mentions him. The line "In Birmingham they love the gov'nor, boo boo boo." and a line mentioning Watergate sparked controversy, as the governor at the time was pro-segregation. The song Free Bird is phenomenally popular for its epic guitar solo and is often played at the end of every concert, although the single version controversially fades out during the solo. Call Me the Breeze was originally written and performed by J.J. Cale. Half of the original lineup was killed in a plane crash in 1977. The band was mentioned in the song Gator Country by fellow southern rock band Molly Hatchet. The song Saturday Night Special is about gun control. The band was named after a professor named Leonard Skinner. That Smell is about drug abuse, as is the song The Needle and the Spoon.The band reformed in 1991 with a new lineup led by Johnny Van Zant, brother of deceased Skynyrd founder Ronnie Van Zant. Also in this new lineup is original drummer Gary Rossington. This new lineup has seen little success.


  • Southern Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Blues Rock
  • Roots Rock

Songs Edit

Sweet Home Alabama

Free Bird

Gimme Three Steps

Simple Man

Tuesday's Gone

That Smell

Saturday Night Special

Call Me the Breeze

What's Your Name

The Ballad of Curtis Loew

I Ain't the One

Don't Ask Me No Questions

You Got That Right

Gimme Back My Bullets

Double Trouble

The Needle and the Spoon

Influences Edit

J.J. Cale

Neil Young