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Pink Floyd is a British rock band who created a creepy, psychedelic style known as "space rock". Their album The Wall was made into a film. Several of their albums, including The Wall, were designed to have each track segue into the next. They were named after blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Began as a band similar to The Beatles before slowly finding their style, first as an acid rock band but later adopting the creepy style which made them phenomenal. The eighties saw them adopt a more spacey style. Each era featured a different lead vocalist: Syd Barrett during the acid rock era, David Gilmour during the psychedelic rock era, and Roger Waters during the space rock era. Album Dark Side of the Moon depicts a prism. The album Wish You Were Here has a picture of Mono Lake, California. The lake features odd rock formations known as tufa. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is divided into nine parts which combine into 26 minutes worth of music.

XM Radio is currently commemorating Gilmour's seventieth birthday.

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Space rock

Psychedelic rock

Progressive rock

Hard Rock

Pop Rock

Blues Rock

Jazz Rock

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Comfortably Numb

Another Brick in the Wall

Run Like Hell

The Nile Song

On the Turning Away


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Wish You Were Here (Do You Think You Can Tell)

Hey You

Time (Ticking Away the Moments that Make Up the Dull Days)

Learning to Fly (Into the Distance a Ribbon of Black)

Us and Them

Speak to Me/Breathe

Brain Damage/Eclipse (The Lunatic is on the Grass)

High Hopes (The Grass Was Greener)

Goodbye Blue Sky (Did You Hear the Frightened Ones?)

Influences Edit

Pink Anderson

Floyd Council

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They are referenced in popular internet cartoon Homestar Runner, specificially the Baddest of the Bands WiiWare game