Phenomenal rock band whose bluesy, psychedelic style helped change music forever. They caused controversy with the use of the words "she gets high" in the song ''Break On Through'', leading the line to be censored to "she get" in the single version. They also refused to censor a song when performing on the Ed Sullivan Show, leading them to be banned thereafter. Lead singer Jim Morrison was later found dead of an overdose in 1971 at the age of 27. The song ''The End'' features an Oedipus complex theme. The song ''Waiting for the Sun'' appears not on the album of the same name, but the later album ''Morrison Hotel''. Morrison's grave feature's an epitaph written in Greek. In the song ''L.A. Woman'', the line "Mr. Mojo Risin" is an anagram of "Jim Morrison". Morrison's nickname is "The Lizard King". After Morrison's death, the band tried to continue without him, but with little success.

Genres Edit

Psychedelic Rock

Blues Rock

Hard Rock

Parody Edit

Weird Al Yankovic parodied The Doors with his song Craigslist, which has elements of 20th Century Fox, Soul Kitchen, and The End.

In the animated cartoon series Animaniacs parodying the film Apocalypse Now, a parody of The End (a part of the Apocalypse Now soundtrack) plays at different parts of the episode, with the lyrics altered to "this is the beginning, the beginning of our story" or "this is the middle" or "this is the ending". At the end a Jim Morrison like character singing the song gets run over by a golf cart.

Songs Edit

L.A. Woman

The End

Twentieth Century Fox

Soul Kitchen

Hello I Love You

Break on Through

Riders on the Storm

Light My Fire

People are Strange

The Unknown Soldier

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

Love Me Two Times

Roadhouse Blues

Strange Days

Back Door Man

You're Lost Little Girl

Touch Me

Peace Frog (Blood in the Streets)

Moonlight Drive

Love Her Madly


The Crystal Ship

Influences Edit

Howlin' Wolf


Film Edit

The End was used in the film Apocalypse Now